Britannia Good Day Cashback offer - FAQs,

When does the contest begin?

The chance to win Cashbacks is valid from <07/06/2021> to <05/08/2021>.

On Purchase of which product, I will be entitled to participate in this contest?

On purchase of  the following Good Day SKUs 

  • Good Day Butter 38G 
  • Good Day Butter 75G
  • Good Day Butter 83G
  • Good Day Cashew 60G
  • Good Day Cashew 68G
  • Good Day Cashew 120G
  • Good Day Pista Badam 53G

Where can I find the Lot No. code to send the SMS? How much will the SMS charge?

You can fine the Lot No. code on the Britannia Good Day Pack; The SMS charges are same as your operator charges. Please contact your operator for further details.

In what format do I need to send the SMS to Participate?

You will have to send SMS: Lot No. to 87224 87224 

My number is TN registered can I participate in this contest?

Yes, you can participate in this contest, however you will have to send 2 SMS to participate.

  1. 1st you will have to register by sending SMS i.e.: Lot No. to 87224 87224
  2. In response you will be asked to answer a question to participate by SMS i.e.: GD<space>I love good day because <your answer> to 87224 87224

How many times can I use a same Lot No. to participate?

You can use the  Lot No. once (valid Lot No.) one time to participate.

What happen if I send Invalid Lot No. to participate?

Your entry will not be considered to participate.

How many Lot No. I can use to participate?

You can use any number of Lot No. (valid Lot No.) to participate.

How many times I can use my phone number to participate?

You can use your phone number any number of times to participate.

How many winners will be eligible to win casbacks?

Total of 43200 winners will be eligible to win cashbacks during the contest period, every day up to 720 winners will be picked.

Where can I find the detailed terms and condition?


How many times I will be eligible/chance to win cashback?

You can win only once in the entire campaign duration.

How will I get to know if I am a winner? 

If you are a winner, you will receive the SMS with the reward code.

Is the reward being transferable?


Where can I see the offer communication?

While you purchase the product, the product you will be receiving will have on pack offer communication along with your Lot No and steps to participate.

I am not able to understand process of participation.

Reach out to our concierge team on 08040554873 to clarify.

For Any other query or assistance where can I reach out to?

Reach out to our concierge team on 08040554873 to clarify or email us on

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